All About You


One of the many benefits of EFT is that you can use it anytime and anyplace when you feel you are reverting back to your old beliefs that take you to your not-so-healthy habits – I’m talking about food. Do you ever have those moments??? You had been working so long and hard on giving… Read More »

Julie’s EFT Success Story

Posted below is an interview I did with one EFT client that had been working with me for stressful situations and weight issues.  I wish I would have done an interview with Julie before we started the tapping process so that everyone could see the difference in her energy between then and now.  It is… Read More »

Weight Loss Resolution Not Working Again?

How many times have you made that weight loss resolution on January 1st and by January 15th you have given up and you are eating anything and everything you want while you are beating yourself up inside because you failed miserably again? I recently read an article that talks about a study done on New… Read More »

Out Of Control Carb Cravings

Is it possible to not crave carbs for weeks or months and then one day you just can’t consume enough carbs?   You want bread, pasta, potatoes……anything that even sounds like it would be in the carb family. What do you think brought this on?  Well, Julie was ready to get to the bottom of it.… Read More »

Resistance To Exercise

How many of times do you make a plan to exercise and feel confident that it’s going to happen? How many excuses can you think up in order to put it off for another day or another week? Yep, I’m with you on that.   I have been exercising for over 25 years now on a… Read More »


I recently tapped with a woman that was getting ready to leave that day for a weekend retreat of sorts with a large group of women.  For this story, I will call her Susan.  Susan knew most of the women that were attending the event, but had not seen them for a long time.   She… Read More »

Self Love???? I’m Not Falling for It… Or am I?

As I had mentioned in a previous post, every January I detox my body of inflammatory foods. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of studies done on different types of detox programs and the benefits of each. This year has been different from the previous years and I have been trying to figure out why… Read More »