Weight Loss Resolution Not Working Again?

All My Fears

Weight Loss Resolution Not Working Again?

How many times have you made that weight loss resolution on January 1st and by January 15th you have given up and you are eating anything and everything you want while you are beating yourself up inside because you failed miserably again? I recently read an article that talks about a study done on New… Read More »


I recently tapped with a woman that was getting ready to leave that day for a weekend retreat of sorts with a large group of women.  For this story, I will call her Susan.  Susan knew most of the women that were attending the event, but had not seen them for a long time.   She… Read More »

Are They Excuses or Fears?

How many times have you said…..“I’m starting my diet on Monday.” Then on Sunday night you find out some girlfriends planned a dinner on Tuesday night or you found out about a social event happening on Thursday night of that week, and you say….“Why start my diet this Monday if I can’t stay on it… Read More »